Introducing Trusteer Rapport – an Extra Layer of Online Security

At Tompkins Trust Company, we maintain the highest standards of security for our Internet Banking system.   That’s why we’re pleased to announce that we have partnered with Trusteer, a leading expert in financial security, to offer you an extra layer of online protection that adds to our strong security measures – at no cost to you.

Trusteer Rapport is a security application that protects you against malware attacks and theft of personal information such as User IDs and passwords. It helps keep your computer connection with the Tompkins Trust Company website safe from phishing, pharming, keyloggers, session hijacking, and more. You can also use Trusteer Rapport to protect you on other sites where you use financial and personal information, such as for online shopping. Industry analysts at Online Banking Report described Trusteer Rapport as “...a major boost in fraud protection...” and named Rapport “Best of the Web.”

Now , you'll see a banner on the account information page after you log in, informing you that Trusteer Rapport software is now available to be downloaded. We placed the banner after your log in to give you added protection that you were downloading genuine Trusteer Rapport software. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this enhanced security for personal or business Internet Banking – it’s easy to download to your PC or MAC, and works with your existing anti-virus software.

We are providing Trusteer Rapport at no cost to our customers. The bank provides for the costs associated with the development, customization, maintenance, and support. We are a leader among regional banks in providing this type of enhanced protection because we want you to have the most secure online banking experience possible at Tompkins Trust Company.