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Treasury Management Conversion FAQ

We've Gathered Some Frequently Asked Questions

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You have 7 days from the email date to complete enrollment. Please call 888-300-0110 and select option 5 for business banking.
You will be able to connect to Tompkins by using Quickbooks desktop as of February 3 and Quickbooks Online as of February 10.


If you had multiple deposit accounts assigned to a payee in our previous system, only the primary deposit account will be converted. Additional accounts can be added after the conversion.
We were not able to convert Recurring/Future dated ACH Batches. The recipient record was converted, but the rule that creates a recurring transaction will not be.
User Profiles that were not attached to any of the company accounts were not converted to Treasury Management.
We were not able to convert these nicknames, but you may re-establish them now.
The history of submitted ACH transactions was not converted to Treasury Management.


Beneficiaries were not convert to Treasury Management. These beneficiaries will need to be reestablished.  You may also create templates for these beneficiaries.
Domestic Beneficiaries from our previous system were converted to Templates in Treasury Management.
The history of submitted Wire transactions was not converted to Treasury Management.
Wires with invalid ABA numbers or with ABA numbers that do not accept Wires were not be converted, and Domestic Wires with invalid Beneficiary addresses were not be converted.
We were not able to convert scheduled or recurring Wire transactions. These transactions can be rescheduled in Treasury Management.

This is called Out of Band Authentication, and is an additional security feature in place for your protection. Out of Band replaces the call-back feature enabled for our previous system. All users with Wire origination capabilities will be required to establish a 4-digit PIN, which will be required to verify each origination via text or phone call. You will establish your PIN the first time you log in.

  • If you choose text: You will receive a text message at origination with a randomly generated code. You will need to reply to that text message with the randomly generated code plus your PIN to complete your authentication.
  • If you choose phone call: You will receive a phone call at origination. You will be required to enter your 4-digit PIN to complete your authentication.
  • Email is not an option to receive the code.


We were not able to convert upload history to Treasury Management, but previously uploaded files will be accessible. 


Your statement will now show the check payees in line with the other transaction information so you can easily reference specific checks. Because of this, the check amounts do not appear in the Checks Paid this Month section.



You will not be able to edit these regular payments to be Principal Only in Treasury Management. You can cancel the regular payments, and create a Principal Only payment by selecting Create a Loan Payment. You will have the option to future date this payment, but these payments cannot be made to recur. If you wish to complete Principal Only payments on a regular basis, you will need to manually create them by following these instructions.