Questions about your new Debit MasterCard?

Here are answers:

Why are you replacing my existing debit card?

We've partnered with MasterCard to improve your benefits and add chip technology to your card at no cost to you.

Why does my new card contain a microchip?

We are moving to chip technology because it provides more security.  It's also easier to use in other countries.  Chip technology is expected to become the standard in the U.S.

At merchants with chip readers, cardholders should follow these steps:

  • Insert the card into the reader and leave it there for the entire transaction.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the transaction.

At merchants that do not have the chip readers, nothing changes.  You will present the card to the merchant, swipe it through a conventional reader, or provide the card details by phone or online.

What other new benefits will I gain?

As soon as you activate your new card, you'll gain immediate access to Chip Technology, Identity Theft Resolution Services, MasterCard Global ServiceTM, MasterCard Airport Concierge, Extended Warranty, Price Protection, Satisfaction Guarantee and MasterCard Priceless® Cities

What do I need to do?

  1. Activate and start using your new debit MasterCard today.
  2. Provide your new card number to any merchants that automatically bill your old card.
  3. Continue to use your existing PIN with your new card for purchases and ATM access.

How do I activate my new debit MasterCard?

  1. Activate by calling 1-866-392-9952
  2. Sign the back of your new card.
  3. Start using it immediately


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