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Business Mobile Banking

Tompkins Trust Company offers a variety of mobile banking services to make your life easier.


Mobile Banking is an additional feature of Tompkins Trust Company's Internet Banking, which depending on the option you choose, may allow you to view balances, recent transactions, transfer between accounts and more. 

Requirements: You must have an active internet banking account at Tompkins Trust Company. 

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Your bank is in your phone. 

If you've got your phone, then you've got your bank.

Mobile banking from Tompkins Trust lets you login and do your banking from just about anywhere.

So wherever you're standing, or sitting, or walking, there's a Tompkins Trust right there, too.  

tompkins trust mobile login view on mobile deviceWhat are my mobile banking options?

You can choose to use text banking, one of our free mobile apps, or go to on any phone with a browser. 

Browser is a web link that you use on your phone that's specifically designed for a smartphone screen.  It gives you access to some internet banking functions through a menu option.

Mobile banking can help make your day-to-day banking more convenient than ever.

Tompkins Trust mobile banking navigation phone pictureYour bank at your fingertips. 

Download our free Mobile Banking app for an enhanced experience designed for your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™. 

Get history
Transfer Funds
Pay Bills
Make Deposits
Locate Branch/ATM

Download our free mobile app to use with your iPhone or Android.

Tompkins Trust Apple app(Opens in a new Window) Tompkins Trust Google App 


Tompkins Trust Company Mobile Banking is an extension of your Internet Banking service. When you log in you will be presented with the same security questions that you are accustomed to seeing when you log into your Internet Banking Account. The mobile app still uses the SSL encryption to keep your information as secure as your Tompkins Trust Internet Banking account.

*Currently available for Blackberry, Android and Apple's iPhone

Standard text messaging and data plan rates may apply. Consult your mobile service provider for details on specific fees and charges that may apply for you.
The iPhone®, Apple logo, and iTunes are all trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.

Sign Up for Mobile Banking

To get started, register for Tompkins Trust Mobile Banking in just a few simple steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your Internet Banking account and click the Mobile Banking button at the top of the screen.
  3. Read the Mobile Banking Addendum to the Internet Banking Agreement.  This contains the terms and conditions of use.  Click "I Accept" and submit to continue.
  4. Click on the Enroll link and enter the requested details, including a Mobile Login ID that you select, your Mobile Number and the Mobile Password you select.
  5. Click Enroll.
  6. After you enroll, you will receive 2 text messages - the first requesting you to reply YES to finish your enrollment.  The second will provide you with the URL for the Mobile Site.
  7. Once you reply with YES, you will receive 1 more text message - confirming your enrollment to SMS/text for Mobile Banking.
  8. (Tip:  Bookmark our mobile site in your favorites and add the text number to your phone's contact list so you can quickly access mobile banking without having to re-type it each time.)

Note:  For Business Mobile Banking, the Internet Banking Administrator must assign mobile access through the Administration Tab.

No time to get to the bank? No worries. 

With Mobile Check Deposit from Tompkins Trust Company, you can deposit your checks from anywhere using your mobile phone or iPad. So you can put your money in the bank – without putting your life on hold.

  1. Select the “Deposit” option in the Main Menu.
  2. Choose Deposit Check.
  3. Select the Account that you are depositing to and enter the amount of the deposit.
  4. Take a picture of the front and back of the endorsed check using your devices camera.
  5. Note: You must properly endorse the back of the check “For Mobile Deposit at Tompkins".  The endorsement on the back of the check is limited to no more than 2 lines.
  6. Verify the information and click submit.

Is there a charge for Tompkins Trust Company Mobile Check Deposit?

There is no charge to deposit checks using our Mobile Check Deposit service.  Your wireless telecommunications provider may charge you for data usage.  Check with your provider for details regarding your specific wireless plan and any data usage charges that may apply.

Who can use Tompkins Trust Company Mobile Check Deposit?

Tompkins Trust Company Mobile Check Deposit is available to all checking customers.

When will my funds be available?

Deposits submitted before 6 PM ET on a business day will generally be available the next business day.  We may delay the availability if we require further review of the deposit.   Any delay in availability will be communicated via email to the email address we have on file.

Is there a limit in the amount I can deposit per day or month?

  • You can deposit a maximum of 3 checks per day or a maximum total daily limit of $2500. 
  • You can deposit a maximum of 10 checks per calendar month or a maximum total calendar monthly limit of $5000.
  • Tompkins Trust Company Mobile Check Deposit can process checks payable in U.S. dollars and drawn on any U.S. Bank, including but not limited to; personal, business and government checks. They must also be payable to the account holder.

What should I do with my check after it is deposited?

After the transaction is completed, mark the check "Electronically Presented".  Securely store the check for 45 days then mark "VOID" and then destroy. This allows sufficient time in case the original check is needed for any reason.

How can I get the best image of the check using Tompkins Trust Company Mobile Check Deposit?

  • Place your check on a dark-colored, plain surface that's well lit
  • Position your camera directly over the check (not at an angle)
  • Fit all 4 corners in the guides of your mobile device's camera screen

How will I know if there is a problem with my mobile check deposit after I submit it?

There are several ways that you could be notified if there is a problem with your mobile check deposit after you submit it.

  • You may be alerted on your device after you hit submit.  The message will alert you to the issue (ie. Check must be endorsed For Deposit Only, check is not legible etc.)
  • You may be alerted via the email address that we have on file if an issue has been detected prior to the deposit being credited to your account.
  • Longer delays may apply in accordance with Regulation CC.   Any delay in the availability of your funds as a result of Regulation CC will be communicated to you via U.S. mail.  Refer to the Funds Availability Policy Disclosure that was provided at account opening for details.
  • If a problem arises with your deposit, such as a returned check, we will send you written notice to the address we have on file via U.S. mail.

Are there any Apple compatibility issues?

  • If you're using iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad, you will need to update your Tompkins Trust Company app to resolve Apple's compatibility issue. Please visit the App Store and download our update. 

View our Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions(

SMS/TEXT Mobile Banking allows you to text specific commands, which will return the requested information to you in a text message.

Balance inquiry (BAL)

You can send a balance inquiry message to request a list of the current balances on all the accounts linked to your mobile channel.

Supported commands:

  • BAL
  • B

Account details (DETAILS)

You can send an account details message to request details such as nickname, balance, and type of a specified account.  

Transfer Between Accounts

You can send a transfer message to transfer funds between your accounts.

Supported commands:

  • XFER
  • X

Help (HELP)

If you send a HELP message, the application responds with a message indicating ways in which you can obtain help.

Supported commands:

  • HELP
Stop (STOP)

You can disable your mobile access by sending an “opt-out” message.

Supported action identifiers: 

  • END
  • STOP
  • QUIT
See or call 1-800-123-4567 for more info

The following sections describe the menu options available with Web Browser Mobile Banking.

Browser is a web link that you use on your phone that's specifically designed for a smartphone screen.  It gives you access to some internet banking functions through a menu option.

  • Login - The Mobile Banking URL directs you to a login page to enter your username and password. 
  • Balances - Once logged in, a balance inquiry returns the available balance for each of your accounts.
  • Main Menu - Once logged in, you may access the Main menu to navigate through all the functionality provided by the Web Browser channel.
  • Account Details - Selecting an account from the balance screen returns the details for that account.
    • From the Balances Screen click the View link for an Account
    • The account details are displayed
  • Transactions - Transactions lists the last five transactions performed against the specified account.
    • Select Transactions from the Main Menu
    • Select the account for which to retrieve transactions
  • Transfer Between Accounts - Transfers enable you to transfer funds between two accounts.
    • Select Transfers from the Main Menu
    • Select the to and from account and provide an amount
  • Change PIN - This screen allows you to change your Mobile PIN/Password.
    • Select Change PIN from the Main Menu
  • Location Finder - The location finder menu option enables you to locate ATMs or banking centers for the bank based on:
    • Zip code - Select Location Finder from the Main Menu; Enter a zip code and select ATM or Banking Centers

      NOTE:  Must enter exact Zip code or city/state that the ATM or Banking Center is located in or to receive a response.

    • City/State  combination - The workflow is the same as for finding a location by Zip Code but the screen is accessed by clicking the Or Find by Region link on the locate by Zip Code screen.

    • To view a map for a location the user can click the View Map Link.
Apple Pay paying with your smartphone is pure genius. Pay with your card right from the new iPhone and new iPad.

As a valued credit cardmember of Tompkins Trust Company, we are excited to announce that you can now use Apple Pay! With a single tap it’s possible to make secure, mobile payments at over 220,000 locations.

Apple Pay is a mobile payments technology that allows you to make a purchase with an iPhone® 6, the iPhone 6 Plus or even a new iPad® using your credit card. And you're able to authenticate purchases with a thumbprint.

It’s easy to use Apple Pay. First, make sure you have the latest version of iOS 8. No other apps are needed. Then, add your credit card to Passbook® by taking its picture and following directions on your iPhone. Once your credit card is verified, you’re ready to shop.

Visit Apple Pay's website for more information!(Opens in a new Window)

*Our Visa Credit Card products are currently compatible with Apple Pay.

Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc. The creditor and issuer of these credit cards is Elan Financial Services pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. © 2016 Elan Financial Services. All Rights Reserved.

To learn more, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.