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Identity Theft Insurance
Protect your assets with up to $10,000 in Identity Theft Insurance.

The cost of recovering from identity theft can far exceed your actual monetary losses. That’s why IdentitySecure provides up to $10,000 in loss recovery protection for covered expenses.

To view coverage and exclusion information and learn how to file a claim in the event you do become a victim of identity theft:

  1. Log into 
  2. Click on “Services & Tools”
  3. Click on “Fraud Resolution Center”
  4. Click on the link beneath “Identity Theft Insurance” to view the Certificate of Insurance for the Personal Internet & Identity Coverage Master Policy

Identity Fraud Support Service
Should you become the victim of identity fraud, IdentitySecure will help you recover quickly. You’ll be assigned a dedicated caseworker who will work with you in restoring your identity, supporting you every step of the way. Plus, you’ll receive a customized kit filled with helpful information to help you recover even faster. It comes complete with all the forms you’ll need based on your particular circumstances, a helpful question-and-answer section, and a handy checklist to keep track of each of the steps as you complete them. If you have any other questions, your personal caseworker is just a phone call away.

Lost/Stolen Credit Card Assistance
If you discover your credit cards are missing, call 1-800-395-5875 immediately. Assistance is available 24/7. IdentitySecure will notify all your credit card issuers, cancel your lost or stolen cards, and request that replacements be issued promptly. When you call you’ll be asked questions, such as your name, address, and Membership Number. You will be asked to verify credit card information. We will promptly mail you written confirmation of all credit card cancellations and all replacement requests.

Emergency Cash & Airline Tickets*
Take the fear out of being stranded far from home with easy access to emergency cash and airline tickets. If you’re ever stranded while away from home, simply call IdentitySecure and you can receive up to $1,000 in emergency cash and a prepaid airline ticket back home.

* You must be at least 100 miles from home and have sufficient available credit on your designated bank card. Cash advance and emergency airline tickets are charged as a purchase to your credit card account and are subject to that account’s finance rates.

Fraud Assist Toolbox
Prevent and recover from identity theft more quickly with this online, interactive, step-by-step tool.
The Fraud Assist Toolbox is a convenient, online tool that helps streamline the identity theft prevention and recovery process. To help prevent identity theft, you may select to set fraud alerts, stop pre-approved credit offers, and stop unwanted telemarketing calls. If you have been a victim of identity theft, you can speed up recovery time by simply selecting the type of problem you are facing, and the online guide will provide step-by-step instructions for resolving your issues.

By coaching you through the prevention and recovery process, and sending you reminder emails when you need to follow up, the Fraud Assist Toolbox can dramatically reduce the time, and emotional stress of recovering from identity fraud.

To utilize the Fraud Assist Toolbox at

  1. Click on “Services & Tools” on the homepage
  2. Click on “Fraud Resolution Center”
  3. Click on Fraud Assist Toolbox “Take Me There”

Neighborhood Reports
Get in-depth statistics on nearly every neighborhood in the United States. Whether you’re considering a move, or just traveling to an unfamiliar area, IdentitySecure makes it easy to obtain an overview of virtually every neighborhood in the country. Review home values, demographics, crime rates, climate and pollution measurements and more.

To view your Neighborhood Reports at

  1. Click on “Services & Tools” on the homepage
  2. Click on “Helpful Tools” and “Take Me There”

Financial Calculator Suite
Determine the best ways to pay down debt with a host of specialized tools. Consisting of five, easy-to-use calculators (Debt Payoff, Debt Consolidation, Outstanding Debt, Multiple Card Payoff, and Credit Card Payoff), the Financial Calculator Suite enables you to develop effective plans for managing budgets and eliminating debt. Powerful and flexible, each calculator enables you to enter and compare multiple scenarios, so you can learn more manageable ways to affect your financial picture.

Credit Score Illustrator
See how changes in behavior can affect your credit score. Ever wondered what would happen to your credit score if you adjusted your payments, reduced your debt or simply made a credit inquiry? The Credit Score Illustrator utilizes your credit report and score to analyze how specific actions can increase – or reduce – your score. You’ll be able to make more informed decisions, and learn ways to affect your credit score.

To access the Financial Calculator Suite and Credit Score Illustrator at

  1. Click on “Services & Tools” on the homepage
  2. Click on “Financial Tools & Calculators” to view the assortment of tools available to you

Stay up to date on identity theft-related issues with access to MyIDMatters. This educational website is designed to keep you informed of topics associated with personal identity and security fraud. You will learn tips to stay protected from the latest fraud scams, trends, and tactics and receive a quarterly e-newsletter with additional news and information. Consider MyIDMatters your one stop for fraud and identity protection news and education.

To access MyIDMatters at

  1. Click on the “Education” tab on the homepage
  2. Click on “Learn More” to view the various educational tools available to you