Personal Data Protection

Credit/Debit Card Monitoring & Social Security Monitoring
Get protected against identity theft with constant monitoring of your Social Security number and up to 10 credit and/or debit cards.

IdentitySecure utilizes real-time, web-crawling technology to monitor underground chat rooms, websites and blogs where thieves trade and sell stolen credit/debit card data and Social Security numbers on these web portals. IdentitySecure automatically sends you an email alert, enabling you to act quickly and re-secure your compromised data.

Card & Document Registration
Store data from your important cards and documents for quick, emergency retrieval.

Credit cards, debit cards and important documents can now be stored in a single, secure location. Should these items become lost or stolen, canceling your cards and retrieving your data is just a single phone call away.

Accessing your benefits at is easy!

1. Click on “Personal Data Protection” on the homepage.

2. Click on the “Dashboard Wizard” that walks you through activating the monitoring and registry services available to you.